Own the Commonwealth Allies Silver Coin Collection
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Own the Commonwealth Allies Silver Coin Collection

Commonwealth Allies 5 Coin Set Box with Coins.jpg
1945 Australian Sixpence.jpg
1945 Australian Six Pence Everslab.jpg
1945 Canadian Quarter.jpg
1945 Canadian Quarter Everslab.jpg
1945 George VI Ruppe OBV_REV.jpg
1945 George VI Indian Rupee Everslab.jpg
1945 George VI New Zealand 1 Florin OBV_REV.jpg
1945 New Zealand 1 Florin Everslab.jpg
1945 UK Shilling OBV_REV.jpg
1945 UK Shilling Everslab.jpg
Commonwealth Allies 5 Coin Set Box.jpg

Own the Commonwealth Allies Silver Coin Collection

This year marks one of the most important military anniversaries in recent years – 75 years since Victory in Europe day.

And although we pay particular attention to our own nation, it was the camaraderie between the Allied nations that played such a key role in victory.

Which is why today you have the opportunity to pay tribute to the Commonwealth Allies, with an exclusive set containing five Silver coins issued by a selection of the Commonwealth Allies in 1945.

FIVE Circulating SILVER Coins from 1945

This set brings together the Allies of the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and India with six Silver coins struck 75 years ago in the armistice year, 1945.

Just think, these coins could have been in the pockets of the public celebrating VE across the world 75 years ago!

Limited availability

Each of these coins were issued 75 years ago across six different nations, so you can understand that acquiring these coins has been very difficult.

Considering that so many Silver coins have been melted over the years for their valuable metal content and the particular difficulty of sourcing foreign coins, it has been extremely difficult to build up any sets to offer collectors.

Click ‘Add the Basket’ to order your Commonwealth Allies Silver Coin Collection today…

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Price £145.00 (+ £4.99 p&p)


  • Country of Issue: UK/Canada/New Zealand/Australia/India
  • Year of Issue: 1945
  • Denomination: Shilling/25 Cents/ 1 Florin/6 Pence/1 Rupee
  • Weight: 5.56g/5.83g/11.31g/2.83g/11.66g
  • Diameter: 23.60mm/23.50mm/28.60mm/19mm/11.66g
  • Metal: .50 Silver/.80 Silver/.50 Silver/.925 Silver/.50 Silver

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.