British Isles Tutankhamun 50p Range

The British Isles Tutankhamun 50p Coin Range

The British Isles Tutankhamun 50p Coin Range

Mark the centenary of the opening of Tutankhamun's tomb — celebrating one of the most dramatic discoveries in archaeological history. These coins are also the FIRST to feature Glyn Davies' portrait of King Charles III.

But in a special collecting quirk, these coins have ended up with THREE different dates on them! Here’s why:

* The coins were approved by Queen Elizabeth II in 2022
They were re-approved by King Charles III in 2023
* They feature ‘1922’ as a date on the reverse

Quirks like this are few and far between, but the power of strange means these coins are selling fast as savvy collectors are driving demand! Click here to read more in our latest blog >>

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