The UK Battle of Britain Circulation 50p

The UK Battle of Britain 50p


The UK Battle of Britain 50p

This 2015 Battle of Britain 50p was issued by the Royal Mint to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

The Battle of Britain was an intense air battle fought mainly throughout the summer of 1940 between Germany and Britain.The name for the conflict was derived from a Winston Churchill speech in which he said “The Battle of France is over. I expect the Battle of Britain is about to begin”. Ultimately it was a decisive victory for the RAF and Britain, and crucially it was the first time Germany had faced defeat in World War Two.

The reverse design of this commemorative 50p depicts three airmen scrambling towards their planes.

Designed by Gary Breeze, the coin features the 5th portrait of Queen Elizabeth by Jody Clark.

The UK Battle of Britain Circulation 50p

Price £5.00 (+ £0.00 p&p)
Order Ref 185/122F/0
Price £5.00 (+ £0.00 p&p)


  • UK 2015 50p Battle of Britain
  • Weight: 8g
  • Diameter: 27.3mm
  • Reverse: Gary Breeze
  • Obverse: Jody Clark
  • Quality: Circulation

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