Just 7,500 available: The UK 2024 Annual Proof Set

LIMITED STOCK: The UK 2024 Annual Proof Set

2024 Base Proof Annual Set Whole Image
2024 Base Proof Annual Set Packaging
2024 Base Proof Annual Set All Definitives
2024 Base Proof Annual Set All Reverse
2024 Base Proof Annual Set Churchill £2
2024 Base Proof Annual Set National Gallery £2
2024 Base Proof Annual Set Team GB 50P
2024 Base Proof Annual Set Buckingham Palace £5
2024 Base Proof Annual Set Medal
2024 Base Proof Annual Set RNLI 50P

LIMITED STOCK: The UK 2024 Annual Proof Set

Welcome 2024 with the brand-new Annual UK coins in superior Proof Quality.

Your set not only includes all the UK 2024-dated circulating coins, from the £2 to the 1p, but also five of the most important commemorative coins celebrating some of the most significant anniversaries of the year. These include:  

  • Buckingham Palace £5 – the official residence of King Charles III
  • Sir Winston Churchill £2 – 150 years since his birth
  • The National Gallery £2 – 200th anniversary of making art accessible for everyone
  • RNLI 50p – 200th anniversary of the formation of The Royal National Lifeboat Institution
  • Team GB 2024 Olympics 50p – celebrating our Olympians and Paralympians as they embark on the Paris Olympic Games

Whilst millions of coins will be issued for circulation this year, The Royal Mint has selected just 7,500 to be struck in superior Proof quality in this limited presentation.

And remember, the 2023 Proof Set SOLD OUT if its full edition limit – so demand is expected to exceed availability.

Proof coins are individually struck with the punch hitting the blank several times to create the perfect, flawless “Proof” finish. This creates the signature contrast between the frosted design and perfect mirror-like background of the coin.

With just 7,500 worldwide, and even fewer for Westminster Collectors, you’ll have to be quick to secure yours with a deposit of just £35.90.

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Price £179.50 (+ £3.99 p&p)


  • Country of Issue: UK
  • Year of Issue: 2024
  • Metal: Cupro-nickel (£5, 50p, 20p), Cupro-Nickel/Nickel-Brass (£2),
  • Nickel-plated Nickel-brass/Nickel-Brass (£1), Nickel-plated Steel (10p, 5p),
  • Copper-plated Steel (2p, 1p), Nickel-Brass (medal)
  • Diameter: 38.61mm (£5), 28.40mm (£2), 27.30mm (50p), 23.03mm (£1),
  • 21.40mm (20p), 24.50mm (10p), 18mm (5p), 25.91mm (2p), 20.32mm (1p),
  • 25.40mm (medal)
  • Weight: 28.28g (£5), 12g (£2), 8g (50p), 8.75g (£1), 5g (20p),
  • 6.50g (10p), 3.25g (5p), 7.13g (2p), 3.56g (1p), 10.06g (medal)
  • Finish: Proof
  • Included: 5 Commemorative Coins, 8 Definitive Coins, 1 Medal
  • Limited Edition Presentation: 7,500

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.

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