Become the owner of one of the most sought after philatelic issues
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Become the owner of one of the most sought after philatelic issues

George IV 1937 Coronation Stamps Omnibus with folder
George IV 1937 Coronation stamps on a decorated green and gold background
Blue folder with George IV 1937 Coronation Stamps displayed against an antique-looking wooden display cabinet
George IV 1937 Coronation stamps on cream folder inserts spread across a wooden surface
George IV 1937 Coronation stamps on cream folder insert with two information pages
George IV 1937 Coronation stamps on four cream folder inserts
George IV 1937 Coronation stamps on three cream folder inserts
Blue folder with gold border

Become the owner of one of the most sought after philatelic issues

11th December 1936. After months of speculation and controversy, King Edward VIII had just renounced the throne in an historic radio address from Windsor Castle.

As the closing lines of his abdication speech reverberated around the world, Edward’s younger brother, the Duke of York, was reluctantly thrust into the limelight as the new King of Great Britain and her Empire.

A race against time

The Coronation was to be held in Westminster Abbey on 12th May 1937, the date previously agreed for that of Edward’s. The decision to keep this date meant much less time was available to organise these commemorative stamp issues with the participating colonies, making this collection all the more impressive.

57 issuing countries spread across the farthest reaches of the Commonwealth were coordinated by the Crown Agents’ office in London, which ultimately produced 202 stamps for your collection.

Even in today’s high-tech world this would be a huge logistical exercise but step back 78 years to the days when many of the territories were only accessible by lengthy journeys by sea, the challenge seems almost impossible.

The most historic King George VI collection

The 1937 Coronation Stamp Collection is more than just a remarkable feat in philatelic logistics. It contains some of the most historic stamps ever issued and a chance to remember a much-loved monarch – a man who led our country through the testing times of World War II – a man known as the reluctant King.

A limited number available – Order now

Given the historic importance, and sheer scale of sourcing a collection such as this from across the world, availability is strictly limited. After months of sourcing, we have just 84 available – and that isn’t going to be enough to suit demand. If you want to be one of the few collectors to own this impressive collection, you’ll need to order today.

You can secure yours with a deposit of JUST £37.50 (+p&p), followed by nine further interest free instalments of the same amount.

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  • 202 stamps issued in total on May 12, 1937
  • Issued by 57 different countries to celebrate the Coronation of George VI

Numismatic pieces should be owned primarily for collector interest.
The Westminster Collection does not offer them as an investment and makes no guarantees in terms of future value.